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Julie worked as an Operational Manager for McMaster-Carr Supply Company in Chicago, IL.  In this role, Julie held management positions in Marketing, Customer Information and Customer Service.  Julie trained, measured and evaluated the performance of employees including order entry operators and order resolution specialists.  Julie developed the inside sales team, hiring and training employees, and she created and developed sales techniques used by staff. Julie's work improved sales processes that led to improved customer service and add-on sales. 

Julie was instrumental in streamlining McMaster’s ability to process and book orders by developing interactive process guides for the various modes of order entry which reduced entry errors by up to 25% and increased orders entered by 20% in eight weeks.   Julie worked with staff to install and implement information technology in the entry department allowing for continuous process improvement; created a method for recording entry operators’ screens, a form of feedback which allows for collaborative and creative improvement resulting in increased employee satisfaction

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